Nourish is forever grateful for those of you supporting our efforts to provide healthy food, support services, and encouragement so desperately needed during difficult times.

Nourish operates 21 food bank distribution sites throughout Pierce County. We depend on you, our compassionate communities, to serve the tens of thousands of individuals and families struggling with food-and-nutrition insecurity.

Our Mission is to provide nutritious food and support services to people in need with compassion, dignity and respect.

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Who Are the Hungry?

hungry children


Each year, approximately 34% of all Nourish clients are vulnerable and food insecure children. 1 in 4 kids in Washington lives in a household that is struggling to put healthy food on the table. Washington ranks 40th out of 50 states in reaching low-income children with summer nutrition. We need your help!

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hungry working poor

The Working Poor

More and more of the clients we are serving are visiting a food bank for the first time in their lives. Often, these are neighbors who are working full time jobs but are still unable to afford the cost of living. We are even seeing families with two spouses working full time but are still unable to pay all their bills in these difficult times.  The cost of living has skyrocketed, but their wages have remained stagnant. Nourish is here to help stabilize the lives of Pierce County citizens struggling so mightily right now.

The only way to help these and the other clients we serve is with your tremendous support. Find out how you can help today!

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Senior at Mobile Food Bank


The fastest growing group among Nourish clients are low-income 55+ seniors. More and more, seniors are finding themselves having to choose between heating their home or purchasing food; purchasing their medications or feeding themselves.  Let Nourish take care of providing fresh, healthy and nutritious food right now, so that you can pay those other bills, stay in your home and continue to twork toward stabilizing your life!

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