The need is great – help a family today

Families in our community are having to make a choice — buy gas or buy food? With gas prices surging almost 100% since last summer, families are struggling to figure out how to meet basic needs. Some families don’t have a choice about using their car. Driving is necessary, and these are families that have never reached out to the food bank before.

Due to  job loss during the pandemic, there was a greater need for food banks. Despite COVID rates lowering, the need for food banks have seen no relief. In actuality, they are serving more people today than they ever have. A recent article from NPR mentions that food donations are down at food banks. “Grocery stores got more efficient with online orders during the pandemic, so they don’t have as much extra to give,” says Christopher Tan, an executive director of a food bank in Virginia. “Plus, supply chain delays are disrupting the normal turnover cycle. Items that used to be delivered in a few weeks may not show up for months.”

Because food banks are getting less donations from grocery stores, they are having to buy basic items like cereal, pasta, and condiments.

The good news is we can make a difference! Consider joining our early food drive, before High Holidays. A small gift of $5, $10, 0r $20 will go a long way in helping families in Pierce County. If you would rather donate a bag of groceries, please reach out to Nourish Pierce County to find out where you can drop off your donation.

Keller Williams Tacoma Red DAY

At the heart of Keller Williams’ culture is our shared commitment to community service. The immeasurable generosity of our team enables us to care for our own as well as our neighbors no matter the magnitude of what is needed.

We’ve poured into our communities in a number of ways, initiating service projects like building new homes from the ground up, gathering and distributing food to those who need it, organizing relief efforts when a natural disaster hits, and even spreading joy and raising funds as only KW can when life takes an unexpected turn. These are just a few of the community activities we’ve carried out in support of those who have poured into us.

BMS Winter Food Drive

This winter season we are excited to serve our community, it’s the Bulldog Way! On our campus, we will be collecting food items. Online, you can make monetary donations to help those in need.  Let’s work together to make a difference.


Grade levels will be competing for a special reward to whichever brings the most food items. Bring in those donations!