Without Nourish, Her Cupboards Would Be Bare

Seventy-five-year-old Penelope Adams (Penny to her friends) still gets a warm holiday feeling when she walks into her Nourish food bank.

“It felt like Christmas when I first came here!”

Penny has been a regular visitor at the food bank since her husband died several years ago, leaving her with limited income. Her fellow food bank clients recognize her by her brightly decorated shopping cart.

Penny says without the help from food bank her cupboards would likely be bare in short order.

“This really helps with the groceries,” she says.

Then, in a matter-of-fact tone, Penny said that the food bank contributions she takes home do not just benefit her.

“If I have too much of anything, I go over and give it to the neighbors. They have a bunch of kids and I like to help them if I can.”

Nourishing Dignity

For Thomas Quichocho, the FISH Food Bank represents a chance for him to regain some of the dignity that life has torn from him.

During his first trip to a food bank, Thomas said:

 “You provide a service I really need. This is a blessing that I can put a little food on the table.”

Until recently, Thomas was living in his car. Now he is able to temporarily move in with his daughter who has financial struggles of her own. Sometimes there hasn’t been enough food to go around.

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Youngster Skips Presents, Asks Friends to Donate

Meet Audrey!

This adorable little girl celebrated her 6th birthday recently. Instead of bringing presents to her party, she asked her friends to bring donations for Nourish Pierce County, formerly FISH Food Banks! With combinations of six dollars, six quarters, six dimes, six nickels, six pennies, Audrey collected …

… $181 for Nourish!

Audrey’s family–and guests–joined “The Birthday Club,” a movement that is a win-win-win for helping those in need of food, our children and our community. For more information, including fun party ideas, please visit thebirthdayclub.net.