Thank you for your interest in giving food to help your neighbors in need.


Donations by Individuals

We are most in need of the following food items:

  • Canned stew or chili
  • Canned meat, such as chicken or tuna
  • Canned fruit, vegetables and beans
  • Canned tomato sauce
  • Shelf-stable (powdered or canned) milk
  • Baby food and formula
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables Learn more in the Garden & Produce Donations section below.

Non-food Items:

  • Soap
  • Diapers
  • Shampoo
  • Toothpaste and toothbrushes
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Clothing Donations (accepted at Lakes Area Nourish Food Bank and Southeast Tacoma Nourish Food Bank only)

The most vulnerable populations we see at the food bank are children and the unhoused. If you are buying canned food, please consider purchasing cans with pop tops, they are easy to open and require no can opener.

Food donations can be accepted at any Nourish food bank, including our mobile food bank sites, during operating hours. To find a food bank near you, visit our Food Bank Locations page.

For more information and guidelines around donating food, review this site from the Washington State Department of Health: Charity Food Donations

Food and Fund Drives

Food and Fund Drives are a fun, engaging, way for an organization, business, neighborhood or community to collectively raise food and funds to support our community. We always recommend holding a fund drive along with a food drive. With our ability to purchase food in bulk, we can stretch your dollars further. Plus, a fund drive allows everyone to participate even if they forgot to bring an item to donate.

Steps to Host a Successful Food and Fund Drive

  1. Set your goals.

Plan ahead with the dates you will collect items and the locations you will use to accept and store donations.

  1. Register your food and fund drive with Nourish.

Email us at Include your name, organization name (if applicable), and dates you will be holding the drive. We will add you to our list of active drives. If you need a food collection barrel, let us know and we will coordinate a time for you to pick one up.

  1. Collect donations.

Prioritize items on our most-needed list above. Spread the word. Let your friends, neighbors, and co-workers know so they can donate.

Perishable items should not be collected during a food drive. Instead, see the Garden & Produce Donations section below.

  1. Drop off your collected food and funds.

Donations collected at food and fund drives can be delivered to any Nourish food bank, including our mobile food bank sites, our administrative office, or our warehouse.

Our warehouse is the best location to deliver large donations. The Nourish warehouse is at 8500 Durango St. Southwest, Tacoma, 98499 at Dock Door 7. Call Marcus, Nourish’s Warehouse Manager, to arrange a drop-off at 253-365-5341.

If you have a very large food drive (over 1000 lbs. or roughly more than 5 barrels), please email or call 253.383.3164 to see whether we can arrange to pick it up for you.

For all food and fund drives, any collected funds should be placed in an envelope and given to the Nourish food bank manager on-site. Checks should be made payable to Nourish Pierce County. If gift receipts are required, include in the envelope a list of all individual donor names, address, amount donated, and method of donation. Funds can also be mailed to Nourish’s administrative office or donated online.

  1. Get a Donation Receipt

Wherever you drop off your donated food and funds, a Nourish staff person can provide you with a donation receipt. Your receipt will include the pounds of food donated, the pounds of non-food items donated, and an amount for any cash/checks you delivered. For fund donations, a thank you letter with necessary tax information will be mailed to individual donors as well.

  1. Share the Results with your Participants

Make sure to share the results of your food and fund drive with your participants. Use the information from your donation receipt to let people know about the impact your drive made!

Questions about hosting a Food and Fund Drive? Reach out to Nourish by emailing us at

Garden and Produce Donations

As part of our mission to provide people in need with healthy, nutritious food, we try to always have fresh fruit and vegetable options at all of our food banks. We would gladly accept your fresh produce donations if you have extra to give. Please prioritize fresh fruits and vegetables that store well in refrigeration because food may need to be stored prior to distribution.

You can drop off your fresh produce donation at any Nourish food bank location, including any mobile food bank site. To find a food bank open near you, visit our Food Bank Locations page.

Grocery Store, Restaurant and other Bulk Donations

If you represent a grocery store, supermarket, restaurant or other retail food outlet, and you are interested in donating food in bulk to Nourish, please email us at Let us know more information and we will contact you to discuss.

Review this guide from the Washington Department of Health for more information on donations for food establishments and processors: Food Rescue Donations – Guide for Businesses.