How to Host a Successful Food/Fund Drive!

Thank you for planning a food/fund drive in your school, workplace, neighborhood, church or club.

While food drives bring in a tremendous variety to our food bank shelves, we encourage food drives to be paired with fund drives. With our ability to purchase food in bulk, we can stretch your dollars further.

The most vulnerable populations we see at the food bank are children and the unhoused. If you are buying canned food, please consider purchasing cans with pop tops, they are easy to open and require no can opener.

Once you’re ready to host your food/fund drive, e-mail or call us (253) 534-8581 for our Food Drive Kit.  Our Food Drive Kit is a magic packet of helpful tips, how-to’s, and printable/shareable materials supporting you and your food drive efforts. We are happy to provide you with food collection barrels and boxes. If you’re unable to drop off your donations, we can arrange to pick up the food.

The months of November, December and January are the busiest time of year for our drivers. If you have the ability to pick up your food collection containers and drop off the proceeds of your drive, this is a wonderful gift to Nourish food banks during the holiday season! Call or e-mail us to arrange for a drop off.

Got a green thumb? Plant an extra row in your garden and donate the produce to hungry families! We’re always grateful for fresh produce donations!

Find the food bank closest to you.