Frequently Asked Questions


Should I donate food or funds?

Both food and funds help Nourish Pierce County fight hunger.

Fund drives allow us to stretch your dollar further. With our ability to make large, bulk purchases – our cost per pound of food is far lower than that of an individual buying food at retail prices. Register here to conduct a fund drive.

Food Drives have the ability to provide important variety and shelf stable foods. These types of food are always in high demand.  Register here to host a food drive.

Do I let Nourish Pierce County know that I am hosting a food and fund drive?

Yes, please! This is very important! We would love to know about your drive so we can work with you to coordinate your collection and delivery of food and properly credit your donations and thank you. Please register your Food & Fund Drive.

Does Nourish Pierce County provide barrels or boxes for collecting food?

During the food drive registration process, you can let us know if you need donation barrels.  Once you’ve registered your food drive, we can make arrangements for you to pick up donation barrels.  To learn more and register, please go to this page.

Does Nourish Pierce County drop off/pick up donation barrels?

No.  Nourish Pierce County staff are unable to drop off or pick up donation barrels or donated food.  We simply don’t have the people and vehicle resources available to do this.

Where can I drop off donated items?

For smaller donations, you can drop off at any of our six fixed food bank locations during hours of operation. (Find a list of our Food Bank locations & hours of operation) Drop off donations at least one hour before closing time.

For large quantities of food donations from unregistered food drives, please contact our food drive coordinator at

Does Nourish Pierce County have promotional materials we can use?

We have a Nourish Pierce County food drive poster and a list of our most-needed items.


How does the food I collect reach people who are hungry?

Nourish distributes food collected through food drives to our 21 distribution sites across Pierce County. Last year, we distributed more than 6.3 million pounds of food for a total of 2.8 million nourishing meals. In 2021 Nourish served 40,504 individuals.  Together, we help reach an average of 6.6% of Pierce County’s population struggling with food insecurity.

Where do I send cash donations?

Please mail checks or drop off monetary donations to the Nourish Pierce County Administration office, located at 1702 S 72nd St. Suite E, Tacoma, WA 98408. Make checks payable to Nourish Pierce County and be sure to make note of your food drive and/or organization.  Please note – we cannot accept cash donations at our food banks or mobile food banks. Please ask for a donation envelope and mail it to the above address. To donate online, visit our Fundraising Page.

Will I get a receipt for cash donations?

Anyone making a monetary donation will receive a thank-you letter with the amount of the donation. Please put cash donations in an envelope and write the donor’s name, address, and amount on the outside of the envelope.

Can I find out how much my drive collected?

After your drive is over, contact the Food Drive Coordinator or call (253) 948-3981 to find out how much your group collected.


Still have questions?

Contact a Nourish representative at (253) 383-3164 or email