The Bonfire Tellers started in 1995 with a simple idea: telling historic ghostly tales around a bonfire to raise funds for Fort Nisqually.  This grew into the wildly popular Bonfires, Beaver Pelts & Bogeymen.  For 21 years, they captured the imaginations of audiences of up to 500 as they told stories of what scared people in 1855.

A change in the structure of the Fort in 2016 took away the site for the event, so, the Bonfire Tellers moved up the road to the cozy Antique Sandwich Company where they told tales to support Nourish Pierce County.  They all figured that October was scary enough without adding the fear of hunger, and Food Fright! was born.

This year, of course, there’s something even scarier: a global pandemic that just doesn’t want to quit, and is making hunger even more prevalent.  So the Bonfire Tellers decided to stay “virtual” for another year.  Join us from the comfort of your home for stories that include a baby cradle that rocks itself, specters in the graveyard, witches with a most interesting use for a spinning wheel, and a ghostly shout-out to teachers.

Our ghostly tales will get more intense as the evening goes on and are not recommended for younger listeners or the faint of heart.

Sarah Comer has been a member of The Bonfire Tellers long enough to forget when she started. She now brings the traditional storytelling principles of economy and vivid imagery to her own tales, one of which will be published in Creative Colloquy’s 2020 anthology later this year. When not telling stories, she is teaching music or drinking coffee, often at the same time.

Jerry Eckrom is a published author and longtime storyteller and living history enthusiast. He currently works at Fort Nisqually Living History Museum in Tacoma, Washington. He is one of the founding members of the Bonfire Tellers.

Karen Haas is a storyteller of rare and extraordinary power. Karen enchants audiences whether telling in modern times or bringing the past to life with vivid living history presentations. Her stories may bring laughter, tears, shivers, or a deep thought or two, but will always entertain.  She is one of the founding members of the Bonfire Tellers.

Mike Preston is a re-enactor at Fort Nisqually and participates in the Tacoma Cemetery Tour.  He got into storytelling at Fort Nisqually by entering a liars contest and found a niche.  He is also a member of the Stage West theater company in Ocean Shores and really likes to entertain (he’s kind of a show-off)!

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