Nourishing Dignity

For Thomas Quichocho, the FISH Food Bank represents a chance for him to regain some of the dignity that life has torn from him.

During his first trip to a food bank, Thomas said:

 “You provide a service I really need. This is a blessing that I can put a little food on the table.”

Until recently, Thomas was living in his car. Now he is able to temporarily move in with his daughter who has financial struggles of her own. Sometimes there hasn’t been enough food to go around.

“Now I’m giving something,” he said. “I get a little of my pride back.”

The 55-year-old Guam native and military veteran lost his job last year and now faces life without health insurance to pay for the insulin that keeps his diabetes at bay. He also has developed problems with his right eye and feared he might lose his sight until he was promised help from the Veterans Administration.

Thomas said it’s not just the food that drew him to the food bank. He also reads through all the brochures available and continues to work to give his life a new, positive direction.

“If everybody did what you are doing think what kind of a world this would be! I hope I can be doing this someday too.”