Nourish in The News-Edgewood

On December 15, 2022 KING5 visited our Edgewood Nourish Food Bank to learn about the Ukrainian Refugees that visit our food banks. Our own Kate Wright was FANTASTIC! We are so excited about the communities we are helping.

SEATTLE — With less than two weeks until Christmas, food banks say they’re seeing an increase of families trying to put food on their tables. 

For the Edgewood Nourish Food Bank in Pierce County the winter holidays mark the busiest time of the year.

“The one thing that broke my heart was seeing those little young families and children and imagining them leaving their home. I can’t even fathom it,” said Kate Wright the food bank’s manager.

Food banks across the country saw an increase in demand over the course of the pandemic – this one saw a second spike this year when Russian troops invaded Ukraine.

“When the war broke out, probably about a month into it suddenly, we started getting all these news customers that were refugees from the Ukraine,” Wright said.

Nerdera, who did not provide her last name, came to the US from Ukraine a few years ago and now she drives new refugees to the food ban once a week. This week is special as her daughter is now safely out of Ukraine and with her in Washington state.

“Last Wednesday they come here,” Nerdera said. “This day feels very good.”

One at a time, families are left to shop on their own where they load up on what they need ahead of the holidays. A food bank that now serves more Ukrainians and Russians than ever before.

“I do see a lot of community, a lot of community, they don’t all obviously know each other but when they get here they start to get to know each other,” Wright said.

So many are starting over and are using the resources available as a step up until they find their footing in a new country. All while a war rages, and has for nearly a year, in the country they left behind.